Johannes Blatt

Titel: Goanikontes
Medium: Graphite
Size: 30 x 46 cm
signed´Juli 47

Titel: Auas Mountains
Medium: Graphite
Size: 34 x 46 cm

Titel: The Koringstamper
Medium: Etching, 1/30
Size: 24 x 8 cm

Titel: Marabous
Medium: Etching, A/P
Size: 20 x 12 cm

About the Artist

Johannes Blatt

1905 – Trier Germany

1972 – Windhoek, Namibia

Resided in Namibia in 1912

Worked in oil, pastels, watercolor, ink, wash, pencil, charcoal and tempera; also known for his etchings. Main subjects have been landscapes, seascapes, wildlife, figures, portraits and still life.

His art training started already very early under Axel Eriksson and Carl Ossmann in Swakopmund. Further education between 1922 – 1925 in Hambug, Schule am Lerchenfelds, under Professor Julius Wohlers, A. Schröder, H Romendahl, O. Bruehne and C. Beckrath.

Johannes Blatt lived from 1913 until 1954 in Swakopmund, besides his training in overseas. He undertook excursions into the surrounding of Swakopmund and the countryside at this stage and returned with sketches and drawings. On the basis of those studies he transfigured his memories into mystical, dreamlike, romantic landscapes, executed in impressionistic technique. Remarkable in those years, Blatt  produced a couple of Aquatinta – etchings but also an egg-tempera in 1940 of the Omaruru hills. –  He has been a former art teacher at the High School in Swakopmund.

1954 marks a new phase in his life and art of Johannes Blatt. He married again and moved to Cape Town. – His style of painting changed continuously. The impressionistic style has changed more to expressionism by using strongly, contrasting colors, conscious arrangement of composition, emphasis being laid on form and axes, tending towards movement and dramatic expressions.

He lived in Cape Town from 1954 until 1968 before he returned to Namibia and started his own art school in Windhoek .Johannes Blatt frequently visited Etosha and his wildlife drawings at this stage are full of freshness. –  He became the art teacher at the Windhoek High School in 1970. During 1971 he travelled and exhibited in Zimbabwe, followed by Swiss in 1972. – Johannes Blatt has been the father of Arnfried Blatt and passed away in 1972 due to a heart attack.

Solo – Exhibitions:

Participated in several group exhibitions from 1947 in Namibia, South Africa and West Germany

1925      Ebenfalls, West Germany, first of three Solo – Exhibitions in West Germany

1927      Swakopmund, Namibia, first of several solo – exhibitions held in SWA / Namibia

1973      Art Association SWA / Namibia, Windhoek – Memorial Exhibition

1977      Art Association SWA / Namibia, Windhoek – Retrospective Exhibition

1980      Swakopmund Museum

1983      Kunstkabinett, Windhoek

1985      Art Association SWA / Namibia, Windhoek – Commemorative Exhibition

2000      Art Association Swakopmund – Memorial Exhibition

Public Collections:

Namibia               Art Association Heritage Trust, Windhoek, National Art Gallery of Namibia, Art Association Swakopmund

South Africa       Ann Byrant Gallery, East London, Pretoria Art Museum, University of South Africa, William Humphrey Art Gallery, Kimberley


1986      Animal Art of Etosha, oil painting, Department of Agriculture and Nature Conservation