Helena Brandt

Titel: Psilouras Planorbis
Medium: Mixed Media

Titel: Rock Face
Medium: Pen & Ink
on Rice Paper

Titel: Full Moon
Medium: Pen & Ink
on Rice Paper

Titel: Black Orchid
Medium: Mixed Media

Titel: Landscape
Medium: Mixed Media

Water Buffalo

About the Artist

Brandt, Helena

1941 – Pretoria, RSA

Sculptor, graphic, mixed media artist and art educator whose contribution to the Namibian art scene spans an active and productive 30 years. She has produced the magic world of images to countless children and adults, presented numerous workshops to the communities of the densely populated north east of Namibia.
The content of her work is essentially idiosyncratic and shows an affinity for the African continent, she portrays the land, its animals and people, using symbolism to create a metaphor, often with an underlying current of humor.
She is guided largely by her environment and the materials in use.
She is currently fusing cultures, by spending time in the mountains, jungles and ancient cultures of South East Asia.
Her art still speaks the same language, except for the intensity of the colours on her palette which has been influenced by her new surroundings

Prize winner in “UNESCO Juwelery Design”, represented Namibia at EXPO 98,Lisbon.

Group exhibitions:
Namibia, RSA, USA, China, United Arabs, France, Norway, Macedonia, Mallorca, Netherlands, Slovenia, Thailand.

Solo Exhibitions:
Namibia, RSA

Public Collections:
Germany, RSA, Namibia.