Nangombe Kapanda

Title: Playing with the Swing
Medium: Linocut 24/50
Size: 29 x 29 cm

Title: Elephant Power
Medium: Linocut 9/50
Size: 29 x 29 cm

Title: Rhin
Medium: Linocut 17/25
Price: 29 x 29 cm

Title: Namibia Wild Dog
Medium: Linocut 20/50
Size: 14.5 x 20.5 cm

Title: Kudu
Medium: Linocut 34/50
Size: 14 x 7.5 cm

Title: Amalula
Medium: Linocut A/P
Size: 14 x 8 cm

About the Artist

Kapanda Nangombe

1962 – Ongandjera, Namibia

A Graphic artist; subject matters: the rural life, wildlife


Like other Namibian artist´s before him, his means of self – expression as a child was to draw pictures in the sand. He went to Lüderitz and had classes in printmaking at the Rössing Foundation with Themba Masala.

He earned his nickname “ Lucky “ when working in Cape Town as a fisherman 1988 – 1990. This is partly an adoption of his Christian name of Lucas, and partly due to his success as a fisherman.

Well – known as a boxer and marathon runner.

Lives in Windhoek.

Solo – Exhibitions:

Joint exhibition with Rui Quimio de Sào Paulo, 1996, in Windhoek. Numerous group exhibitions countrywide.

2009      German Embassy, Windhoek

2019      Fine Art Gallery, Swakopmund