Christine Marais

Titel: The Sunflower
Medium: Mixed Media
Size: 53 x 40 cm

Titel: Namib Dessert
Medium: Mixed Media
Size: 20 x 29 cm

Titel: Max
Medium: Mixed Media
Size: 29 x 26 cm

About the Artist

Christine Marais

1935 – Bloemfontein, South Africa
2012 – Windhoek

Resided to Namibian in 1970

Worked mostly in oil, watercolor, gouache, ink and wash, designed murals, tapestries,
mosaics, enamel door handles and a diorama; subject matters: landscapes, seascapes,
plants, wildlife, still-life’s, buildings, people

Studied Fine Art at the University of Witwatersrand 1954 – 1957 under Charles Argent,
Joyce Leonard, Cecily Sash, Professor Heather Martienssen and Erica Berry. Obtained a
Bachelor Degree. Became a senior teacher in art at the Jeppe Girls High School in
Johannesburg 1958. Her marriage to Piet Marais, a geologist, meant she spend the
early years of her marriage camping around parts of South Africa. This gave her the
opportunity to paint and draw all over the country. The family settled between 1963 –
1970 in Rustenburg and Christine became a co – founder 1964 of the Rustenburg Art
Society. Since 1965 she taught both children and adults in her own studio.

She moved 1970 with her family to Windhoek and settled later in Swakopmund.
Fascinated by the old buildings in Swakopmund, she decided to capture their
atmosphere in her works. As she could not find any information on the history of the
buildings, she realized the need for a book with illustrations and history of the old
buildings. “ Swakopmund – our heritage “ was published 1979.

She has been commissioned with a large diorama by the Department of Agriculture and
Nature Conservation for the 1988 Flora Exhibition in Goodwood, South Africa. The
diorama “ The Namib Lives “ consists of 14 panels, each 1000 x 2000 mm ) depicting
the vegetation of different Namib Desert regions and includes conservation aspects is
permanently installed in the Windhoek Herbarium.

Mother of Nicky Marais

Solo – Exhibitions:

Participated in numerous group exhibitions from 1973 in South Africa and Namibia.
1968 first solo exhibition in Pretoria, South Africa. 2002, Joint – Exhibition with
daughter Nicky Marais, Muschel Swakopmund

1972 Art Association Windhoek
1981 Art Association Swakopmund
1982 Kunstkabinett, Windhoek
1990 Die Muschel, Swakopmund
1993 Die Muschel, Swakopmund
1998 Galerie Rapmund, Swakopmund
2006 Omba Gallery, Windhoek
2009 Studio 77, Windhoek
2011 Die Muschel, Swakopmund

Public Collection:

Namibia Art Association Heritage Trust, Windhoek, Art Association Swakopmund,
Windhoek Herbarium, Bank of Namibia, Agricultural Bank, Waterberg Rest Camp,
Murals ( 9 panels ) in the building of the SWA Gebiedsmag, mosaic mural, Centaurus
High School, SWAWEK, NAMDEB, Windhoek, Swakopmund Municipality, Namib Info
Centre ( Namib I ), Bank Windhoek Swakopmund, Walvis Bay Civic Centre

South Africa Japanese and Swiss Embassies in Pretoria


Numerous illustrations, which includes a triology of books on historical buildings of
Swakopmund, Windhoek and Lüderitzbucht, Geomorphology field guides for the Desert
Ecological Research unit and Rössing, the mine, the flora, a limited edition by Hirt &
Carter. Illustrated Old Swakopmund, Today, 1992, Etosha Experience by Anna Louise
Marais 1995 as well as general and educational title and children fiction. – Together
with Particia Craven she has written and illustrated:

1980 Swakopmund – Our Heritage
1981 Lüderitz – Our Heritage
1986 Windhoek – Our Heritage
1986 Namib Flora, by Patricia Craven
1989 Waterberg Flora, by Partricia Craven
1992 Damaraland Flora, by Patricia Craven
1992 Desert Detritus with Liz McLain
1992 Old Swakopmund – Today
1995 Etosha Experience with Anna Louise Marais
1999 Birding in Namibia with Eckart Demasius
2004 Passage through Time – The fossils of Namibia, by Gabi Schneider


1957 Herbert Evans price for painting