Dick Fryer

Titel:Bat-Eared Foxes
Medium: Oil on Board
Size: 49 x 76 cm

Titel: Elephants
Medium: Charcoal
Size: 34 x 53 cm

Titel: Zebras in Motion
Medium: Graphite
Size: 33 x 61 cm

About the Artist

Dick Fryer


Born Cape Town, South Africa.

Developed an early interest in art at school. He followed a career in nature conservation and worked in the old Rhodesias and the old South West Africa. His work as a game ranger brought him into close contact with the wild animals in Africa, and it is on this subject that his art is focused. Dick works primarily in oils and also sketches in pencil, Conte crayons and charcoal. He concentrates mainly on the movements of animals and knows the animals well enough that he can freeze them into significant poses which are part of their movements. In his sketches, he uses the uncompleted line so that the viewer completes the figure.

Dick has had many solo and group exhibitions throughout South Africa and Namibia and his work has found homes in England, Germany, America, Switzerland and Sweden