Nicholas Galloway

Titel: Kunene
Medium: Watercolor
Size: 64,5 x 34 cm

About the Artist

Nicholas Galloway

1940 – England
1995 – Skeleton Coast, Namibia

Resided to Namibia in 1983

Worked in watercolor, oil and pastel; subject matters: well – known for his landscapes, portraits, wildlife

Has been educated at the Taunton School and has been accepted for the Slate School of Art & Central School of Art, London but decided to study Architecture at Sussex University and Basel, Switzerland. Obtained a National Diploma in Interior Design in London.

He travelled widely in the USA, Far East and Mexico.

He later moved to South West Africa, settling in Swakopmund where he became known for his watercolor impressions of the Namib and his portraits of Herero women. He also designed film-sets and became a popular art instructor. He died suddenly at a heart –attack on 11th June 1995 at Toscanini at the Skeleton Coast.

Solo – Exhibition:

1990 Hobby Horse, Swakopmund
1993 Die Muschel, Swakopmund
1995 Retrospektive Exhibition, Die Muschel, Swakopmund

Public Commission:

Tug – Restaurant, Swakopmund