John Ndevasia Muafangejo

Titel: South African
Medium: Linocut
Size: 18 x 23 cm

Titel: Rebuild of Printing Press
Medium: Linocut

About the Artist

Muafangejo, John Ndevasia

1943 – Etunda Lo Nghadi, Okuanyama, Angola

1987 – Windhoek

Resided to Namibia in 1956

Worked mainly graphically, linocuts, woodcuts, etchings, tapestries and designs for weaving in karakul wool, altarpieces and sculptures. Some watercolor and oils are known; Subject matter:

Cultural traditions, human relationships in the traditional, sociopolitical and religious context. Animal and wildlife depiction. Often included satirical, critical, despairing and humorous comments on events, people and everyday life

He came to Namibia to stay with his mother’s family. 1968 he was sponsored by the Anglican Church of Namibia 1968 and studied drawing, design, weaving, wood and linocut, etching, sculpture, watercolor and oil painting at Rorke´s Drift Art and Craft Centre, Durban, South Africa, Advanced studies at Rorke´s Drift followed 1974 with a bursary by the SWA Art Association and a sponsorship by the Behnsen family.

He taught art at St Mary´s Anglican Mission School in Odibo from 1975 – 1977 before he finally settled in Windhoek at the Eros Centre of the church, where he had also his studio.

His own house and studio in Katatura, Windhoek, came true only in 1986.

In 1994 the John Muafangejo Art Centre has been established in Windhoek in honor of the artist under the auspices of the National Art Gallery of Namibia.

Muafangejo´ s work is to a large extent autobiographical and often accompanied with explanatory texts. He found inspiration from his personal feelings, experience, radio news and newspaper articles or in discussions with friends and family. His works stand as a testament to the community and the times in which he lived.

Solo – Exhibitions:

As John Muafangejo is counted to the most famous Namibian artists we only mention some of his exhibitions, also his artworks have been exhibited worldwide. – Participated in group exhibitions from 1968 in Namibia, South Africa, Germany, UK, Brazil, Canada, Scandinavia, USA, Netherlands

1970 Kunstkabinett, Windhoek

1984 Kunstkabinett, Windhoek

1985 Art Association Windhoek


Public Collections:

Namibia Art Association Heritage Trust, Windhoek – the largest public collection of his linocuts, National Art Gallery of Namibia, Windhoek, Anglican Church Collection, Municipality of Windhoek, Commercial Bank of Namibia

South Africa Ann Byrant Gallery, East London, Durban Art gallery, Johannesburg Art Gallery, King George VI Art Gallery, Port Elizabeth, Pretoria Art Museum, SA National Gallery, Cape Town, University of Bophuthatswana, University of Fort Hare, University of South Africa, University of the Witwatersrand, William Humphreys Art Gallery, Kimberley