Axel Schäfer

Titel: The Rock
Medium: Oil on Board
Size: 22,5 x 30 cm

Titel: Euphoria
Medium: Oil on Board
Size: 30 x 40 cm

Titel: Reclining Cheetah
Medium: Oil on Board
Size: 19 x 27,5 cm

Titel: Caprivi
Medium: Oil on Board
Size: 25 x 39,5 cm

Titel: Cool Waters
Medium: Oil on Board
Size: 22 x 30 cm

Titel: The Wreck
Medium: Oil on Board
Size: 22 x 40,5 cm

Title: Namibian Idyll
Medium: Oil on Board
Size: 29 x 40 cm

Title: Rock Formations
Medium: Oil on Board
Size: 28 x 25.5 cm

Title: Rock meets Sand
Medium: Oil on Board
Size: 27.5 x 40 cm

Title: Elephants
Medium: Oil on Board
Size: 27 x 41 cm

About the Artist

Axel Schäfer 

The artist Axel Schäfer creates hyper realistic paintings that look like portals into vivid landscapes. His painstakingly meticulous technique renders textured stones, dappled sunlight, and lush green grass perfectly. Each nature scene is so enticing in its clarity that it beckons you to look closer.

Born in 1941, Schäfer didn´t received a formal art training. In his occupation as a goldsmith the artist focused his creative practice on detailed jewelry. His artistic painting career only started when he retired in 2000.

The artist draws inspiration from the diversity of landscapes in Namibia, including endless horizons, rolling waves, and rugged mountains. To achieve the high level of hyperrealism he is known for, Schäfer spends numerous weeks and countless hours working on a single painting. A closer look at one of his canvases reveals his scrupulous application of paint to render his subjects so naturally.

Through awe-inspiring manual dexterity and prowess, the artist create a tangible solidity and physical presence.

The details carry more clarity than in nature.

As a result, each of his landscapes sings with lifelike spirit.


“ Nature gives a lot of benefits to mankind, such as fresh and clean air, a cool breeze… warm sunshine and clear water… and tranquility immersed in silence,”  explains Schäfer. His body of work does not contain any hint of human life, choosing instead to highlight the splendor of the environment, untouched and thriving.

Hyperrealism can create an atmosphere of Surrealism because nobody sees the world in such detail.

The creative process of Hyperrealism is one of the most intricate ones in art. The finalized product of hyperrealists often questions our perceptions of reality, exploring the limits of human vision. Undeniably, it is an art form no matter how you look at it, either from the craftsmanship and skill point of view or if you admire the subtle layers of narrative added to the existing image. The Hyperrealism by Axel Schäfer makes people’s jaws drop as they revel in some of the most precise and detailed works of art.