Martin Bosman

Elephant Portrait
Medium: Pencil

About the Artist

Martin Bosman

Born 1984, Swakopmund, Namibia

Finished Matrik in 2004. Although his artistic creativity was already recognised at school Martin displayed little interest to pursue his obvious talent at that time. Martin has always yearned to pursue a career in architecture. It was after completing school that Martin started developing his unique artistic style. Soon he discovered that his work appealed to many lovers of art as his paintings were bought. In 2007 Bank Windhoek Biennale he hit the high price barrier with one of his works, that was bought by Mr Blanchere from “ Blanchere Art Foundation “ in Marseilles, France.

Martins realism art allow the depiction of subjects as they appear in everyday life. His drawings consists of landscape and people in traditional setting. The paintings include different people from all the ethnic groups of Namibia. “ I feel this way I will help Namibia preserve its heritage and culture”, says Bosman.

Bosman is a fulltime artist and although he has never had formal training in the trade of art, his natural talent earned him respect in the art industry.